Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Pokemon Combo Packs at Target!

I think it's important that players know which products are the best to buy, because there are so many different Pokemon TCG products on the market that a player can easily get ripped off if they buy a product that has really old cards in it, or could have bought another product for a lower price that offered more. In the future, when I hear about cool new Pokemon TCG products, I'm going to make it my goal to communicate to all the League Members about them so that we can all take advantage of them.

This is a brand new item. Some may call it a "blister pack" because the pack is wrapped in cardboard, but to simplify the name, I'll just call it a "Combo Pack" because it comes with multiple things.

These Combo Packs come with 1 Pokemon Booster from Supreme Victors or Rising Rivals and either Charizard (and Charmeleon and Charmander) from Supreme Victors or Metagross (and Metang and Beldum) from Supreme Victors. The Combo Pack retails for $4.99. Both Charizard and Metagross have the cool Confetti foil-style look.

The Charizard is a really good card and has seen play at Battle Roads and larger events in the past. The Metagross has it's uses.

It's a really good deal because packs already retail for around $4-5 to begin with, and you're getting a cool foil card with the lower stages so you can play the card easier. I'm thinking of picking up 4 Charizard ones so that I can make a Charizard deck with them!

I'm not sure if the Target in Asheville has these yet, but I've read of many Targets having them, so there is a good shot ours does.


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