Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010-2011 League Details!

New details about the new year of Pokemon League are available!

As you can see, there is a new logo for the Pokemon League! Also, these year's theme is Poke-Athlon Cycle!

The Promos for the first few seasons are:

Season 1: Donphan HS and Spiritomb AR
Season 2: Crobat UL and Expert Belt AR
Season 3: Delibird HS and Azelf LA
Season 4: Steelix UL and Special Metal Energy
Season 5: Houndoom UD and Special Dark Energy
Each season lasts 5 weeks.

One change is that it will now takes 8 points to earn a promo, instead of the 6 points needed last year. You can still earn points on the Video Game track to earn Video Game accessories.

Spiritomb is a very good card to help search out evolutions, but watch out that it's Poke-Body stops both players from using non-supporter, non-stadium trainers.

Expert Belt is useful in many decks as it increases the HP and attack of a Pokemon by 20, but any Pokemon it is attached to is worth 2 prizes!

Azelf lets you look at your prizes with a cool Poke-Power!

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