Sunday, July 11, 2010

Upcoming Tournaments in July (Updated)

Hi everyone! It's Matt again.

We have a tournament coming up in 2 weeks. Sunday, July 25th at Hillside Games. The entry fee will be $5, but don't worry, everyone will be getting a pack of cards! Registration will be from 1PM-1:30PM. Try to show up early, as you may need to fill out a deck list. You will need a 60-card deck that is modified-legal. If you don't know if your deck is legal, ask one of the league helpers. Jeff Reynolds, the Premier Tournament Organizer, or PTO, will be coming from around Charlotte to run this event! So, lets give Jeff our love and thanks and try to all come out for our first organized event in a long time!

Also, for all those preparing a month ahead, Jeff Reynolds will be coming back to Hillside Games August 14th for our VERY FIRST Pre-Release! Pre-Releases are so much fun! The entry fee is $25, but for that every player gets 8 packs of cards (retail value of $32), a pack of 60 Pokemon sleeves you can only get at a Pre-Release and a Pre-Release promo! Registration will be from 11AM-Noon. Registration is short and sweet as you don't need your own deck.

That's all for now!

UPDATE: I've added a link to Jeff Reynold's NC/SC Pokemon tournament website. He has all the upcoming events on there with all the information you'll need like start time, entry fee, etc. Make sure to come prepared for the upcoming events!

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