Monday, July 26, 2010

Free Pokemon Cards


One of your league leaders, Tom Wise, is offering you the chance to win a free pack of Pokemon cards. Here is the offer:

If you can beat Mr. Wise in a game of Pokemon 3 times, he will buy you that pack. You do not have to win 3 in a row - you only have to win 3. Mr. Wise will keep track of your winning games and will reward you for your success. You do not have the right to argue with Mr. Wise how many games you have won - Mr. Wise will determine that and keep track of them.

There are two rules to this deal.
  1. A "game" is considered played if you have played three turns. This is to eliminate a win which is a "donk." Any game in which you have only played one or two turns before winning will not be considered a "win" for the purposes of this offer.
  2. If you are a poor sport, whether a poor loser or poor winner, during your game with Mr. Wise, you will be penalized a "win" whether you win or not. So, if you win and are a poor sport, you will get your win but also have it taken away. If you lose and are a poor sport, you not only lose but you will also have a previous win taken away. Why? Because respect for each other is important. In any case, whether you agree or not, these are the rules.

This offer is open to any Pokemon player who comes to our league on Saturday when Mr. Wise is present. Any game played with Mr. Wise will also count towards the regular league scoring system. So, whether you win or lose versus Mr. Wise, you still get your league points.

Mr. Wise is not limiting this offer to one pack of cards. He will buy this pack for anyone who achieves the goal, according to the rules. He will also allow a person who wins a pack to compete again for another pack. This will continue until Mr. Wise decides to end this offer.

Why is Mr. Wise doing this? Three reasons:
  1. He wants the players in his league to become better players. 
  2. He wants to play more Pokemon games at league. 
  3. He wants the players in his league to respect each other.

Some helpful hints:
  • Bring your best deck. I am playing to win.
  • Don't complain when you lose.
  • Wait your turn patiently for the next available game.

Thanks, and happy competing.

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That is really cool.